Registration Form / Procedure

  Download Thunai Registration Form for Normal Profile

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  Download Thunai Registration Form for Re-marriage Profile

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Procedure For Registration

  • Registration can be done by filling up the details called for in our Standard Regn Form which can be easily downloaded from the website itself (Refer Registration Form Column)
  • Separate Forms are provided for Normal Marriage and Remarriage.
  • After filling up the details, the Form must be duly signed by the person concerned. (Self, Parents, Relatives or close friend)
  • Registration can be done in person by post/courier or through Email also by forwarding scanned copy of the form & annexure.
  • Along with Registration form, you can send a copy of the Horoscope/Bio-data and Medical Certificate which are optional.
  • Address proof is a Must.
  • We provide facility for projecting 2 photos also which can be sent along with the form or through email. Photos are optional but preferable, Size can be passport or full as you wish.
  • On receipt of Registration Form we will allot a Registration number and password and inform the members by SMS/Email. Registration card also will be mailed by post.
  • Based on the Registration Form profiles will be displayed by us in the website along with photos etc.
  • Since the profiles are projected by us only (unlike in other website) clients are expected to verify and ensure the correctness and take up the matter with us in case any correction is required.
  • Any subsequent modification also can be done by us based on the requests.
  • Benefits of Registration include the following :
    • a) It is a source of Advertisement. Based on the projection others may contact you.
    • b) Once you become our member, you can view the profiles with full details and contact numbers utilizing your password and take any number of suitable profiles. (After exhausting a limit of 25 you have to seek our consent)
    • c) For any alliances, especially if they are also our members you can simply quote your Registration number thereby making the communication process easier.
    • d) Persons seeking alliance will have more confidence in proceeding further if you happen to be our member as we accept Registration only after due formalities.
  • As already stated the service is Totally Free and you need not pay any amount at all !


Please note while we do take precautions for ensuring privacy by password system, we are not responsible for any unauthorized projection or circulation of the profiles in other websites or any other social media etc..