About us


Welcome to saithunaimatri.com which is the exclusive website of Chennai Sai Thunai Matrimonials.


The Objective of our Organisation is to facilitate Marriage for Differently Abled Persons by developing a large data base of eligible Brides & Grooms.

Sister Concern

This is a sister concern of Chennai Sai Sankara Matrimonials (For Brahmins) with Website being www.ssmatri.com (or) saisankaramatri.com.Likewise we also have another Sister Concern called Chennai Sai Muruga Matrimonials (For All Caste in Hindus) with Website saimurugamatri.com

Who Can Register ?
  • The Registration is open for all Differently Abled Persons irrespective of their Caste, Religion or Mother Tongue.
  • Normal Persons without any Disability can also Register if they are willing to accept Differently Abled Persons for Marriage.
Income Criteria

In case of Bride Grooms, the Minimum Income criteria is fixed at Rs. 15,000/- pm due to practical reasons.


The Service is open for Divorcees, Widows, Widowers among the Differently Abled. The data will be projected separately for easy selection and to avoid unwarranted embarassments.

Free Service

The Entire Service is Totally Free and there is No Hidden Charges at all !


Registration can be done in Person/Post/Courier or by E-mail by filling up our Standard Form which is available in the website itself under Registration Form Column. The Form must be duly signed by the Bride/Groom or the Relative. Personal Registration can be done at our office preferably on Sundays between 10 AM to 6 PM.


The enclosure include the following. 1) Address Proof, 2) Photos, 3) Medical Certificate, 4) Horoscope, 5) Bio-data. Address Proof is compulsory others are optional. 2 Photos (of any size) can be sent. Photos play a vital role in Decision Making and hence it is preferable to send latest photos taken nicely. As Horoscope is an evidence for Date of Birth and it is better to furnish the same also. MC with percentage of Disability and Bio data will enable us to project the details suitably in the profile.


All Registrations are valid for a period of 6 months only after which they must be renewed. On Renewal fresh numbers will be allotted so that the profiles can reappear in the Top order. Even if old number is clicked it will be redirected to new number automatically.

Projection of Profiles

Unlike other Websites Profiles will be projected only by us based on the details furnished in Registration Forms. Likewise modification will also be Effected by us only as and when we get the requests from clients by Phone/E-Mail. The clients are advised to verify their profiles and ensure proper projection by us in their own interest and inform us in case of any discrepancy.

Password System

While non-members can view the Basic details of all profiles freely only members can have access to Detailed profiles along with contact numbers based on password. There is no restriction on the maximum number of profiles that can be taken by members. However, after exhausting a limit of 25 profiles they have to seek our consent for further 25 profiles and so on.

Filteration Facility

To make the selection process easier, we offer Filteration facility based on Gender (Boys/Girls), Religion, Language, Caste, Age, Height, Food Habit and also Nature of Disability


We provide space for projecting 2 photos Freely. Only for change of Photo we charge Rs.100/- per photo which can be remitted in Person/by Cheque/Online. However, photos can be changed freely at the time of Renewal.


Since we accept Registration only on the basis of Registration. Form duly signed by the parties along with Address proof, the Reliability will be more compared to other sites. However we are not responsible in any way for the genuineness of the information and it is for the clients to ensure proper verification.


We never project or pass on your address to anyone. Likewise we also advise our clients not to give the address to anybody just like that. Further our password system also will ensure confidentiality to some extent as only Members can view the contact numbers.


Profiles are updated every 6 Months during Renewals. Further, as and when we get information regarding settlement of Marriage we delete the profile and list them separately under ' Marriage Settled ' column.

Other Facilities

We also extend pre-post Marriage Counseling Services freely. Astrologer’s service is available at Nominal charges at our Parent Office Chennai Sai Sankara Matrimonials. We also organize Marriage meets periodically.


Our Office Timings are between 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM, Tuesday being Holiday. However Registration in person is restricted to only on Sundays between 10 AM to 6 PM.


The venue is the same that of Chennai Sai Sankara Matrimonials at 7 (15/2), 9th Avenue, Ashok Nagar, Near Ashok Pillar, Krishna Sweets and Govt Girls Higher Sec. School.


We do not have any Branches or Tie up with anyone.


The Organisation reserves its right to admit or delete any profiles without assigning any reason. Members are advised to select only those profiles which are suitable to them and the other party based on their Expectation so as to avoid unwarranted embarrassment. Any person found misusing the facility will be losing his membership once for all !


Our Motto is Love All, Serve All! Help Ever, Hurt Never! Our Approach is service Orientation with Professional & Personal Touch! Our Vision is to develop this website as a leading one enabling Thousands of Timely and successful Marriages for Differently Abled persons in all caste and Religion.


We seek the Blessings and Good wishes of all our clients, both present and prospective to utilize our services and get benefited. We Welcome your Suggestions and Feedback for our further growth in the Journey of Excellence. You are also most welcome to inform your close Relatives and Friends about our services so that they are also benefited.


The Founder of the Organisation is Dr. N. PANCHAPAKESAN with more than 25 years of experience in the line. He is a Banker by Profession and served in IOB for over 30 years in different capacities. Took up VRS in 1998 for dedicating himself to social service. He has been conferred with various Awards and his interviews have come in all leading TV Channels. As a renowned Trainer in HRD he has conducted Hundreds of Training Programmes in various corporate, colleges & schools as well.

Team of Staff

The Team of Staff include Founder's daughter Niranjana ( Manager - Administration ), son Sai Krishnan (Marketing Executive) and a Team of Dedicated Staff Members.


As already informed our service is Totally Free without any Expectations whatsoever. However those who are interested can contribute when the marriage is settled which is purely voluntary. We will be Too Happy to attend the Weddings and Extend our Blessings in person if possible! You are also welcome to project our Name in the Wedding Invitations if you so wish!

Wedding Directory

Our website carries a Wedding Directory listing out details of people extending various services for conduct of weddings such as Mandapams, Catering Contractors, Videos, Decorators etc, for ready reference for our clients. Persons extending such services can contact us for projecting their details Freely in the Directory.

Our Achievement so Far

We are proud to inform that more than 50,000 marriages have taken place for Brahmins so far through our Parent Organization Chennai Sai Sankara Matrimonials. Likewise Hundreds of Marriages for all Castes (Other than Brahmin) have also taken place through our another unit Chennai Sai Muruga Matrimonials. We have already been extending special attention for the marriage of Differently Abled in the same name of Thunai Matrimonials through our website ssmatri.com for over 15 years and conducted number of Free Swayamvarams also resulting in sizeable number of marriages for Differently Abled. In order to give tremendous further boost for the Marriage of Differently Abled we thought it fit to open an exclusive Website which has now become a reality!


Our Parent Organization Chennai Sai Sankara Matrimonials (For Brahmin) was started in 1990 and Chennai Sai Muruga Matrimonials (For All Caste) is functioning since 2007. Thus we have more than 25 Years of Experience in the Line.

  • Just as Education & Job, Timely Marriage is also Essential for all persons to lead a proper family life. This is equally applicable for Differently Abled persons also !
  • Of late finding suitable alliance has become a Herculean Task for Everyone & more so far Bride Grooms, due to various reasons.
  • In the case of Differently Abled persons the Task is all the more difficult, for Brides and Grooms as well.
  • In the Marriage market, marrying a person with Disability is considered as a Taboo which is rather unfortunate !
  • If we furnish the Disability details in the profile, the response for alliance naturally becomes very rare! It is also neither preferable nor possible to suppress the vital information. Hence parents are always in a Dilemma as to when and how to share the Disability details. The situation is most embarrassing and pathetic as well for all concerned.
  • More than normal persons, I feel a companion (Thunai) is more essential for Differently Abled to give them physiological and mental support. That is why we have named the Organisation as “Chennai Sai Thunai Matrimonials”.
  • It is natural that parents are always concerned very much over the delay in marriages of their son/daughter as they feel it is their responsibility to settle the alliance.
  • The concern becomes many folds, in the case of parents of Differently Abled, since it becomes a question mark for them as to who will take care of their son/daughter after their life span. In the process many become sleepless & depressed too !
  • Likewise the anxiety of Brides & Grooms is also equally pathetic as Marriage becomes a mere dream or ‘Kaanal neer’ for most of them!
  • Organising periodical Marriage Meets (Swayamvarams) do not fetch desired results, though it may carry some advantages in attracting people’s attention. In fact, we have conducted number of such events in the past! (For Normal Persons & Differently Abled as well separately)
  • The only way for ensuring more and more marriages is to build up large Data Bank of eligible Brides & Grooms on an ongoing basis at the earliest and this is what our mission is !
  • For achieving our Mission we have decided to go in for mass publicity in large scale through Press & TV Media besides making the service Totally Free.
  • We are also keen to ensure Reliability of Data & Confidentiality through Password, ID proof, signature in Regn. Form etc.
  • Though the website is an Exclusive one for the benefit of Differently Abled, it is also equally inclusive as well, as Normal persons also can Register if they are willing to accept alliances of Differently Abled Brides/Grooms.
  • I appeal to all Normal persons, especially those who are finding it Difficult to get Alliances due to some short-comings in income, Qualification, age etc. to come forward to marry persons with disability so as to fulfil their ambitions besides making their life more purposeful.
  • Likewise I also appeal to Differently Abled Brides & Grooms to accept persons with Disability instead of insisting upon Normal persons only, which may lead to further delay in entering Married Life.
  • However while choosing the Nature of Disability you can have your own preferences based on compatibility and other practical aspects. For eg. Hearing Impaired person may opt for similar Hearing Impaired or person with some other disability such as polio etc.
  • I also appeal to parents to go in for Marriage Alliance for their son/daughter with disability only after analyzing the pros & cons of their decision thoroughly, taking into account the challenges involved in Marriage Life, because In our anxiety to solve one problem there is no point in inviting further problems! Marriage has many advantages no doubt, but it is not a must for Everyone the only solution!
  • I also further appeal to them not to get worried about the delay but do whatever possible and leave the rest!
  • It is also necessary to verify the genuineness of the persons carefully before finalizing the marriage so as to avoid cheatings and Exploitation by people.
  • Finally I am happy to share with you that I myself belong to Differently Abled community being affected by a minor polio in leg since my childhood. But I have never considered it as a disability at all!
  • For over 2 decades I have been involving myself in various activities for promoting the welfare of Differently Abled as Advisor for Udavikkaram Welfare Association for Differently Abled, functioning at Ashok Nagar. Naturally I carry lot of empathy and sympathy as well for them. I also sincerely feel lot more must be done for their Empowerment.
  • While the Govt. Depts. & Welfare Organisations take care of various issues relating to them, I was feeling there is a great lacuna in taking care of their Marriage Need. As I am having vast experience in the line with enough infrastructure I thought it fit to focus my attention for thus cause with redoubled vigour & focus resulting in the Birth of this Exclusive website for them.
  • I Trust by God’s grace and with all your support, we can be successful in making the Marriage Dream a Reality for more & more persons of Differently Abled Community in the Days to come!
  • Let us make saithunaimatri.com as Number One Website for the Differently Abled!
  • Life is Hope ! Hope is Life !
  • Dr.N.Panchapakesan