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  • Profiles are projected by us based on the data provided by the clients in the Registration Form duly signed by them.
  • We have two types of Profiles, one with basic details along with Thumbnail photo which can be seen by all. Another is detailed profile along with Horoscope, Photo, Contact Number etc. which can be viewed by members only based on password.
  • Profiles are projected separately for Boys and Girls. Likewise profiles of Normal marriage & Remarriage also projected separately for better clarity.
  • For easy selection, Filteration facility is provided which can be availed by Members and Non-Members as well.
  • Specific profile can be searched based on Regn. No. or Name.
  • After choosing the profiles, printouts can be taken by using print option.
  • There is no restriction as to the number of profiles that can be taken by any member. However after exhausting a limit of 25 they have to seek our approval for further batch of 25.
  • Clients who have registered for Boys can have detailed access of contact numbers for Girls profile only and vice versa.
  • The list of profiles taken by members can be seen in “Viewed Profile” data (under My Account).
  • As the profiles are projected by us, the clients are expected to verify the correctness including the photos. In case any correction or modification is required they can take up the matter with us.
  • Clients are also expected to utilize the facility only for their genuine personal use. They must also contact only those alliances which are matching with the data and expectation of others. In case of any misuse, the Organisation reserves its right to cancel the Membership without assigning any reason.
  • The profiles are projected in such a way that the latest ones will appear in the Top order.
  • On getting information regarding Marriage the profiles will be deleted and taken to a separate list.
  • Profiles can accommodate maximum of 2 photos! Photos can be sent as Hard Copy or soft copy.